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Hi! I’m Bhavya Barot and here’s my story. I am 22 year old. A Parallel Entrepreneur. Minimalist. Bookworm. Author. Daredevil. Amateur Photographer. Mentor. Weird. Misfit. Social Outcast. Mysterious. Crazy. Innovator. Optimist. Visionary. Polyphasic Sleeper. Nocturnal. Contrarian.

The interesting thing about a goal is that once it is achieved, we can move to the next challenge. Our aspirations never come to an end.

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A few fun facts about myself

I love solitude, I have a vision board with all my milestones for my life, my favorite number is 22 becuase Ricardo Kaka is my idol, I’m a huge fan of AC Milan and I consider myself as a ‘Rossoneri‘, I play strategy games like it’s my life, I knew what I wanted to do at the age of 14, I spend a lot of time reading and learning, my favorite book is … umm difficult to choose, My favorite artists are Calvin Harris, Oh Wonder, Eminem, The Lumineers and Imagine Dragons.

Early life and career


I have a Bachelor of Science from the University of Greenwich for Computing where I graduated #1 in my class. I graduated from IGCSE in May 2013. I was addicted to computers and softwares since my childhood. One day I was introduced to programming and it changed the course of my life. I decided I wanted to make software and websites. I never bothered in focusing about hardware or any other subjects. As I chose my focus on programming, all the other subjects in high school became irrelevant to me because of that my grades shot down, however my programming skills shot up. At Grade 9, I already began making games, anti viruses, softwares and websites. To this day apart from Maths, I have had no use for any other subjects.

At Grade 10, I was introduced to a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Another big turning point in my life! I applied The Secret in my life and I began writing down my dreams, my goals and my vision for my life. The pieces of paper I wrote on with the ideas, concepts, the plans, the strategies I set in place set foundation and a stepping stone of my life. I am going to leave this story for another day!


My path as a Full-Stack developer has led me to focus in PHP, VB.NET, MySql, HTML, Bootstrap, Java, Cross Platform Mobile Development, Native Android and iOS development. I enjoy traveling to complete my trips wish list or playing sports. Although the majority of the year, you will find me behind a computer screen. I am a passionate gamer which has had a huge impact on the start of my career, but that’s a story for another time.

I have worked very hard to get where I am today, but I’m just as passionate about where my career is leading me. The challenges that I deal with on a day-to-day basis I find meaningful and rewarding. Bottom line: I honestly love what I do and I will do whatever it takes to further my career.

STARTING biocard

I started BioCard as a studentprenuer in 2015 at the age of 18, a few years after spending nights and weekends creating software and web projects during university days. As I began utilizing the university resources; the lecturers, class notes and case studies helped implement knowledge in the field.

I believe that technology can be the answer to all our problems, and even if it doesn’t directly solve them, it can help and provide insights. What we can visualise in our minds, using technology, we can materialise.

As a teen I started from university projects to commercializing the same systems and softwares. With no capital, no support and no experience, I managed to work with Fortune 500 companies and the leading businesses in various industries in East Africa. I was out doing business and closing on projects in another city where as my class mates were in class studying. I finished with a First Class Degree and topped my class in all my semesters. All distractions were put behind my back and my focus was only on my business and studies.

With the university knowledge opened the doors to entrepreneurial life. I conducted thorough reasearch and learned the gaps in the industry locally and internationally. I concluded that software companies rarely delivered on time and may end up not delivering the product at all. The softwares were very costly and the support was horrible for the amount being paid. An opportunity knocked and I grasped it.

Today, BioCard builds beautiful websites and real-time, artificially intelligent, inclusive, robust and scalable systems from Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Management Information Systems, Point of Sale Systems, School Management Systems, System & Intellectual Property Software Development, App/Web Development.

In addition to my work on projects, I lead the talented BioCard team, working closely with each client. Depending on need, we tap the right people for each collaboration. Our growing, distributed team has expertise and skills that range from design and development to web and system development.

I love supporting non-profits and charitable organizations who give back to the society. I aim to support and help millions of people directly or indirectly with my resources.

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Bhavya Barot


Bhavya Barot is the co-founder of BioCard and LXR. Started out with no money, no network, no support and no business knowledge. Bhavya helped to remarkable software standards, exponentially improved support services, minimized software timelines and made softwares' affordable. He is known for his development of innovations in various industries and the society. He is a weird misfit (It is worn as a badge of honor) who is obsessively attentive to detail, ruthlessly competitive, calm in a crisis, willing to make tough decisions, great at spotting talent and generous.

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