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We try so hard to fit in but are so afraid to fit out

We try so hard to fit in but are so afraid to fit out - Bhavya Barot

I am here right now at an event for Nachle Tour Kenya at Venom. First of its kind in the country where all the top local artists have come together. It is an amazing observation to analyze various types of people that I have noticed where everyone wants to go for event x and event y. Everyone works too hard to blend in from clothes, cars, lifestyle, friends and so much more. I guess that’s...

21468: Step in Mombasa

Bhavya Barot - Step in Mombasa

I checked into the office. Cleared all my sketches and my ideas that I write on pieces of papers. I decided to compile all of them in a box file. The cleaner came in to clean the office. I ran through the values and my morning routine. Then straight to the headstand. After that I sent John to the bank to get all the necessary documents for adding signatory and processing my card for me. I then...

21470: Relationships

Bhavya Barot - Relationships

I woke up slightly late today. Well It is cause I slept late as well. I remember seeing the clock at around 3.20 something. I was working on the parking management system. Incredible and interesting project for I have to say. Something new and intriguing. I left home slighly late as well, but in no rush. Calm and cool. I went to pick up Rahul who lives in South C. After picking him up we went to...


Bhavya Barot - Interesting Day

Today was I believe the first official day with me eliminating my phone out of my life. I had Rahul back up the files and then I deleted WhatsApp completely. The phone itself and the numbers are handed over to Nayanka and Hardeep. In the process of kick starting operations I showed Harry, The Rebels Book. I am sure he and all other staff will find it beneficial. Everyone who works with me, will...

21474: THE YEAR

Bhavya Barot - 2019

Last year has been incredible, it has been so amazing I am very proud to get where I am. Firstly as I write this the world is screaming and shouting and cheering celebrating the New Year. I am not going to lie to you but Firworks and loud noises scare me. It is all cause of a stupid moment of my life. It like the thunder noises for me. I promised myself I will sort that out, I will erase the fear...

Lessons from playing Games

Bhavya Barot - Lessons from playing Games

I am an addict of playing games, however I don’t like playing any kind of games. I am very specific in terms of the games I play. When I was young I was introduced to Rollercoaster Tycoon and since then I am attracted to games that involve money management and growth. I am not going to lie, I love control. Leading the change, leading with my vision in place and making people work around my...

21485: CHANGE

Bhavya Barot - Change

I have begun revamping the office to make it a better work environment and to make everyone comfortable working. Especially since we are expanding rapidly and in order to accommodate that I had to pull a lot of strings and get it started. I bought a ridiculous chair of mine and bought chairs for everyone for people to sit in the office. Reason being is that a table purpose is a table. There is...


Bhavya Barot - Beginning of the new routine

After yesterday’s changes on my life, improvements can already be seen. I began reading books in the morning. I was informed the whiteboard is made and now I will be able to flow my ideas to the world. I was also informed that the furniture is in the process of being made, the beauty is that I am making furniture which is one of the most expensivest of it’s kind. Making the value of...


Bhavya Barot - Project Management

I started the day with a minor headache but as usual my morning routine. Then I headed to the office. I saw the Fridge at the office and need to find a place where to set it up and how it can be fully utilized. After settling down, I took  my extremely expensive chair to the office and it is a massive upgrade from what I used. I had a chat with Harry and Nayanka about Kenbro and what we...

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