Signs of an entrepreneur

Signs of Entrepreneurship - Bhavya Barot

Want to find the future entrepreneurs in a room full of teenagers? Look for the boys and girls who like to break a rule from time to time. This makes sense when you realize that entrepreneurs are the ones who disrupt industries, chafe against the status quo and spark a good revolution. PsychCentral even reported, “New research has found a childhood pattern of antisocial tendencies among...

Lessons from playing Games

Bhavya Barot - Lessons from playing Games

I am an addict of playing games, however I don’t like playing any kind of games. I am very specific in terms of the games I play. When I was young I was introduced to Rollercoaster Tycoon and since then I am attracted to games that involve money management and growth. I am not going to lie, I love control. Leading the change, leading with my vision in place and making people work around my...

Education & Experience Don’t Guarantee Success—Attitude & Habits Do

Bhavya Barot - Attitude and Habits

Professional success is a culmination of many factors. Your education matters—maybe not as much as you think, but a degree in your field can really jump-start your progress. Your experience certainly matters, but that can only come to you after years of dedication. Your talent matters, too, but aside from skills (which develop from experience) most of your talent is innate, meaning you have a...

A Mentor is your life’s foundation

Bhavya Barot - A mentor is the foundation of your life.

Sandberg’s thesis adviser and economics professor Larry Summers recruited her to be his assistant at the World Bank, where he took on the job of chief economist shortly after Sandberg graduated from Harvard in 1991, the New Yorker reports. There, Sandberg spent most of her time putting together data and helping Summers with his speeches and papers. In her book, “Lean In,”...

Zoom Out & Zoom In

Bhavya Barot - Zoom out on focus on the big picture and zoom in and coonect the dots with details by simplifying the big picture

Steve Jobs and John Sculley presenting the new Macintosh desktop computer in January 1984 at a shareholder meeting in Cupertino, California. “Would you rather sell sugar water to kids for the rest of your life, or would you like a chance to change the world?” That’s the now-famous question Apple’s cofounder Steve Jobs used to convince John Sculley, a former president of...

Money Hack: Who’s got my money?

Bhavya Barot - Money hack: Whose got my money?

I take the attitude that money is everywhere. Everyone has money, and if they are treated right and provided with what they asked for (and more than that), they will happily give me their money. My battle cry is “Who’s got my money?” When I was a young salesman and I needed new shoes or a new suit, I would show up to work and ask myself, Who’s got my money for my new suit...


Bhavya Barot - Always put your customers first

During a 1999 interview with 60 Minutes, Bezos was asked about his desk. Though at the time Bezos was already a billionaire, the desk was made of an office door and taped-together 4x4s. Bezos replied that the desk was “a symbol to spend money on things that matter to customers.” “We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason...

The Only Way To Become Successful

Bhavya Barot - There is no age or excuse for not learning.

Reading is a habit of the ultra successful people. They read a lot! Lets take a step back why ultra successful people read. Reading is a process of learning. Learning should never end in your life, if you stop learning you are equivalent as not to be living. The is no age to stop learning. There are so many successful people I have studied who make it a lifestyle to read everyday. From self...

3 steps to achieve a goal with Imagination

Bhavya Barot - 3 steps to achieve a goal with Imagination

Imagination, a word that has infinite power and can create infinite possibilities. Imagination only requires the mind and can only be achieved by the mind. Imagination can open doors that are impossible to achieve. I want to share with you 3 steps to achieve a goal with imagination: Imagine your vision Write down your vision Apply effort on your vision and let time take it’s course. The...

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