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Bhavya Barot - Love

Drowning in the sea, Wishing I only knew how to swim, Suffocating for breath, Knowing I’m going to die, You are the only thought going on my mind, Wishing I knew how to swim, This sea was love, Sadly I can’t stop hallucinating about the love from you. I can’t stop hallucinating, Cause drugs are replacing you, Drugs are running in my veins, Pretending to be you, Pretending to...

Without you

Bhavya Barot - Without You

I dreamt, I did, I believed, I thought, And went to all those places we went to, But suddenly all the places were lonely places, In the crowds, Sunsets, Sunrises, At parties, Everywhere, But all those places were lonely without you. I held on, I was more damaged, But loved the damage more, Than letting you go, You threw stones at me, To hurt me, But those stones are the small pieces of puzzle...


Bhavya Barot - Dad

Dad, You saw me grow, From my childhood, To my teen, To my adult life. You gave me courage, When I needed it the most. You gave me advice, When I couldn’t think. You were there, Where I needed you to stand by my side. You made time for me, Even when you had a busy schedule. You let me free, When you thought I was ready to fly. You were right Dad, I did it. Thank you Dad. You gave me a bond...


Bhavya Barot - Happy

Everyday only one thing made me wake up, From the worst hangover, That was you! Everyday I knew when I see you, It all goes away, Thank you! Everyday I saw your eyes that gave me hope, Found some courage, Thought no one will ever know about you! Everyday I loved staying with you, Brought happiness to me, Totally got lost with you! Everyday I wanted to see you have fun, Brought fun to me too...


Bhavya Barot - My Eyes

Your eyes are so beautiful, They show me the whole universe, Every time you blink, I see the pain you’ve gone through, But those eyes are still sending a message, I am strong and still going strong, But even with that pain there is a smile, The smile that makes you look so beautiful, The smile that makes my heart sing for you. Your eyes are saying a beautiful story,Just as beautiful as you...

When I

Bhavya Barot - When I

When I close my eyes, I see you. When I feel alone, I miss you. When I feel lost, I look for you. When I feel scared, I think of you. When I succeed, I want to tell you. When I feel pain, I want it to be from you. When I fall, I want to be next to you.When I’m broke, I feel rich with you. When I’m free, I want to...


Bhavya Barot - Elizabeth

When I saw you. You were stole me away from my dreams and you become my dream. I liked you a lot. Never had the courage to say. Feared you, but loved every minute you abused me. Every time I passed next to you my heart skipped a beat cause I knew kept skipping the opportunities to tell you I liked you. Every time I saw you with someone, it tore me apart. Seeing you happy was all that mattered to...

My heart

Bhavya Barot - My Heart

When I first saw you,I set everything aside for Deja vu, You were everything I wanted.You were a goal that I flaunted,But I was wrong.You are not a trophy that I wanted,You are just a flower,A flower with magic powers,That showed its beautiful colors.The beautiful colors that glow now on you. When a flower is liked,It is plucked,But when a flower is loved,It is beloved.But that was not the case...

A place we live in

Bhavya Barot - A place we live in

We live in a world where love is just a piece of word without a meaning, A world where we are together as friends and family, but suffering alone in the dark. We live in a world that makes communication easier but no one to communicate with. A world where billions of people but no one to share our memorable stories with. We live in an environment that we are killing everyone including ourselves...


Bhavya Barot - Tell Her

Please tell her,
that when the sun goes down I think of her.
Please tell her,
that I will never forget the sound  of her voice calling my name.
And please,
let her know that she lives in my hear and that everywhere I go,
I always see her face.

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