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Education & Experience Don’t Guarantee Success—Attitude & Habits Do

Bhavya Barot - Attitude and Habits

Professional success is a culmination of many factors. Your education matters—maybe not as much as you think, but a degree in your field can really jump-start your progress. Your experience certainly matters, but that can only come to you after years of dedication. Your talent matters, too, but aside from skills (which develop from experience) most of your talent is innate, meaning you have a...

My lowest low

Bhavya Barot - Get up Stronger

Everyday is a learning curve. Today I saw Vinay struggling with word trying to align paragraphs and he didn’t know how to go about it. He struggled for so long and less than 10 seconds I had sorted it out for him. He felt so stupid but he learnt something new. The same way he was writing the table of contents manually and I saw what he was doing then I showed him how to press a button and...

Community App & MBA Update

Bhavya Barot - Restarting MBA

I had a very long night today/yesterday. I was going through the Community App and was thoroughly testing and comparing with other large-scale used mobile apps and then I was zooming in and out trying to figure how I can borrow designs from these apps and integrate them to the project. I tried several apps such as Pocket, Medium, Facebook, Google Contacts, Whatsapp, Instagram and Flipboard. After...

21 Days Habit 90 Days Lifestyle

Bhavya Barot - Goals need action and actions results to reality

I am still trying to force myself trying to write my journal on daily basis. It is very difficult cause after coming from work my body is exhausted and don’t feel like even switching on the mac and heading straight to bed. There is a photo where I saw “It takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to form a lifestyle”. Writing a journal is extremely important and I will do...

My Office Checklist

Bhavya Barot - Office Project

Rules: Less is more, Earthy aesthetics, Metal and wood, Tactile touches, Standing desks, Semi-open floor plans. Waterfall Reception area with a futuristic central lobby with a fountain, a refreshments bay for visitors. 5 boardrooms (2 small – 5 seats, 2 medium – 10 seats, 1 big – 20 seats) A movie theater for games, movies, talks and product launches. Vending machines for...

The Beginning of My Journal

Bhavya Barot - The Beginning of My Journal

I am very hesitant to put my day-to-day life story on the Internet. My gut says that it just seems wrong though I have decided to go ahead with it as it will build a routine in my life to capture day-to-day moments of my life written down to allow me to review and remember those ups and downs during my life and how amazing my life was. I truly don’t care how people would judge me as the...

Project Names

Bhavya Barot - Project Names

I have decided to write a list of all the amazing names that I would love to give my current or future project names. I always look for ideas and inspirations on project names as they are very difficult to come by and every name has to be unique in it’s own way but yet has to be relateable to the project as well. Red Black & White Superhuman LXR Copa Del Kenya eTickets BioCard 924...

A Mentor is your life’s foundation

Bhavya Barot - A mentor is the foundation of your life.

Sandberg’s thesis adviser and economics professor Larry Summers recruited her to be his assistant at the World Bank, where he took on the job of chief economist shortly after Sandberg graduated from Harvard in 1991, the New Yorker reports. There, Sandberg spent most of her time putting together data and helping Summers with his speeches and papers. In her book, “Lean In,”...

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