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Bhavya Barot - You in LA

Love I read, Love I dreamt, Love I thought, Love I saw, Love I never received. Beauty was you, Beauty I looked for was you, Beauty I loved was you, Beauty I missed was you, Beauty I hugged was you, Beauty where are you hiding yourself? Dying for you, Dying trying for you, Dying trying for this relationship, Dying trying for your health, Dying trying for your happiness, Dying trying for your...


Bhavya Barot - Always put your customers first

During a 1999 interview with 60 Minutes, Bezos was asked about his desk. Though at the time Bezos was already a billionaire, the desk was made of an office door and taped-together 4x4s. Bezos replied that the desk was “a symbol to spend money on things that matter to customers.” “We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason...

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Bhavya Barot


Bhavya Barot is the co-founder of BioCard and LXR. Started out with no money, no network, no support and no business knowledge. Bhavya helped to remarkable software standards, exponentially improved support services, minimized software timelines and made softwares' affordable. He is known for his development of innovations in various industries and the society. He is a weird misfit (It is worn as a badge of honor) who is obsessively attentive to detail, ruthlessly competitive, calm in a crisis, willing to make tough decisions, great at spotting talent and generous.

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