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Everyone is looking for beauty in something or someone, The beauty about beauty is that it’s hard to find but very easy to recognize, But we don’t see the perfect beauty that is next to us, But we choose to close our eyes and pretend that there is no beauty, That ever existed between us and the search for beauty goes on, But the beauty I missed, was you. From the fake name to the fake...

13 Months in a Year

Bhavya Barot - The Power of Compound Interest on Time

The Power of Compound Interest on TimeTime! Time is money…No! Change that mindset. Time is the most valuable commodity and is more valuable than money. Everyday we are losing out on a commodity that is impossible to retrieve, choosing it to use it wisely is a saying that is repeated on daily basis on social media, elders and almost everyone we know though if we limited with such a valuable...

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Bhavya Barot is the co-founder of BioCard and LXR. Started out with no money, no network, no support and no business knowledge. Bhavya helped to remarkable software standards, exponentially improved support services, minimized software timelines and made softwares' affordable. He is known for his development of innovations in various industries and the society. He is a weird misfit (It is worn as a badge of honor) who is obsessively attentive to detail, ruthlessly competitive, calm in a crisis, willing to make tough decisions, great at spotting talent and generous.

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