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Bhavya Barot - fight, life, difficulty, ruined, achieve, you, hate

Simple is what I like to live, But you made my life difficult. Difficulty in breathing. Difficulty in living life. I even had difficulty even playing connect the dots with your face. You ruined my life so bad. Your presence in my life ruined everything about it. You killed me. I died because of you. And still am dead. When I closed my eyes for the last time, I saw you. You were my reason to fight...

The Only Way To Become Successful

Bhavya Barot - There is no age or excuse for not learning.

Reading is a habit of the ultra successful people. They read a lot! Lets take a step back why ultra successful people read. Reading is a process of learning. Learning should never end in your life, if you stop learning you are equivalent as not to be living. The is no age to stop learning. There are so many successful people I have studied who make it a lifestyle to read everyday. From self...

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Bhavya Barot is the co-founder of BioCard and LXR. Started out with no money, no network, no support and no business knowledge. Bhavya helped to remarkable software standards, exponentially improved support services, minimized software timelines and made softwares' affordable. He is known for his development of innovations in various industries and the society. He is a weird misfit (It is worn as a badge of honor) who is obsessively attentive to detail, ruthlessly competitive, calm in a crisis, willing to make tough decisions, great at spotting talent and generous.

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