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Bhavya Barot - dark night, hate, cause, story, give, love, you

My eyes narrate a different story, But my heart knows the what’s going on. The story which I don’t even know, And you think you know me! If I knew myself, Wouldn’t ask for happiness from you. Hate is all I got and hate is all I give, Cause when I offered love, You took it for granted. You give what you receive, I received loneliness that I am still dwelling in. I hate you, I...

7 reasons to never own a car in life

Bhavya Barot - transportation, social status, investment, car, time, resource, depriciation, growth rules

A Car, Investment OR Asset Let’s get one thing clear. Your car is not an investment. An asset yes! An investment no! It is one of the biggest purchases someone can make in their life. When large sums of money is involved people assume it is an investment but I’m sorry to say it is an asset. During an emergency you can sell your ride and recover some money. An investment is where it...

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Bhavya Barot is the co-founder of BioCard and LXR. Started out with no money, no network, no support and no business knowledge. Bhavya helped to remarkable software standards, exponentially improved support services, minimized software timelines and made softwares' affordable. He is known for his development of innovations in various industries and the society. He is a weird misfit (It is worn as a badge of honor) who is obsessively attentive to detail, ruthlessly competitive, calm in a crisis, willing to make tough decisions, great at spotting talent and generous.

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